Rev 6
Do your own Global Day of Prayer Celebration, Saturday 23 May 2015
Suggested by the GDOP Ottawa committee.

This template may be used by churches, home groups, and any gathering of Christians small or large

We are hoping that many Ottawa will stage events, non-liturgical denominations even replacing their regular Pentecost Sunday service. We invite home groups and individuals in their living rooms also to hold events. All events may use the same format as detailed below. The Global Day of Prayer is non-denominational and can be celebrated by evangelicals, charismatics, high church, low church; indeed all who believe in the power of prayer. A collection may be taken towards your expenses for next year's event or local charity, and a portion sent to the GDOP headquarters in South Africa.

What you need to do now
Appoint a GDOP representative who will maintain a liaison with us on the Ottawa GDOP committee
Check out the Ottawa GDOP website ( and its links. Download video material from the link on the Ottawa GDOP site. Register your church or group as being interested in hosting a GDOP event - send an e-mail with your name and coordinates and your church name. Buy Graham Power's inspiring book Not by Might, nor by Power and have your leaders read it. This tells the GDOP story.

What you need to have done in the weeks leading up to the day
Take opportunities to show GDOP videos to your congregation such as the one on our Ottawa site. As many as possible should read "Not by Might, nor by Power."
Arrange a series of prayer meetings in the 10 days preceding the Global Day of Prayer to identify (i) a list of reasons for thanksgiving and (ii) a list of challenges issues, facing (a) The Christian World (b) Canada's Christians and (c) your church. Prayerfully brainstorm and sift through these, selecting 10 - 20 in each category (thanks and challenges) as being particularly important or urgent. Also prayerfully select 5 scripture readings of up to a chapter in length that can be used on The Day. Finally appoint a children's ministry leader who will be with the young ones on The Day.

Ingredients - what you need to provide on the day

  • A location, such as a church hall or sanctuary or a living room large enough for your expected numbers.
  • A CD player and P/A system with a quantity of gentle praise music.
  • A microphone with amplifier and speaker
  • Optional: A computer with live Internet connection, projector, and amplified external speakers for showing GOD TV ( Make sure you have set this up in advance of the day; registration is needed, but it is free.
  • Children's ministry with qualified leaders. Children can be with the main group for some of the event.
  • A list of prayer requests and things to thank God for.
  • A copy of the Prayer for the World prominently displayed (
  • A leader for the event; may be a pastor, or your GDOP representative. Main function - announcing each phase and judging how long each phase should run, then announcing the next, etc , until the predetermined end of the event.

    Segments of the event
    We envisage this event as consisting of a series of sub-sections such as the following, selected by the leader.
    A) 5 - 10 minutes of thanksgiving for God's blessings in the past decade. The leader would call for someone / anyone from those present to lead thanks for one or more of the previously selected items.
    This would normally be followed by (C).
    B) Supplications from the list of challenges and issues. The leader would call for someone / anyone from those present to lead the supplication. It need not be more than a few minutes. This would normally be followed by (C).
    C) 5 - 10 minutes of spontaneous prayer - can be all praying together in their own languages simultaneously, or individuals moved to pray.
    D) 5 - 10 minutes of Christian meditation using music from CD.
    E) Prayers led by individuals either spontaneously, or speakers previously asked.
    G) 5 - 10 minutes of watching the GDOP events internationally on God TV
    H) Scripture reading, up to a chapter at a time.
    I) Take up the collection.
    J) The "ceremony" of bringing the children in.
    K) GDOP videos (downloadable)
    L) Other segments decided by the church.
    Some of the above repeated, as led by the Holy Spirit through the leader.

    Feedback welcomed.
    Tony Copple
    20 January 2015

    GDOP Ottawa